Ridge Road Post

A Boutique Post Production Studio In Canmore - Alberta

Our Studio

All post-production happens in our cozy 800ft² studio. We have a fireplace and backyard with access to Bow Valley Wildlands Provincial Park.  

Editing Desk:

We use a custom-built PC with an Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card with a native 10bit display. The main editing monitor is a colour-managed BenQ SW271 hardware calibrated to REC.709 for SDR projects. We also have a client viewing LCD television for comfortable viewing from our cozy couch. 

We use Adam Audio T7N close field monitors that are calibrated for critical mixing. All audio processing is driven by mastering-grade RME A/D converters and preamps. All media storage is handled by a server-grade Synology NAS with ultimate backup protection including cloud-based archiving.

Editing Software:

Our main editing suite is Adobe Premier with all the apps including Ae, Ai, Au, Id, Me

For Colour Grading we use Davinci Resolve Studio 18

Audio Post Production: 

Nuendo 12 Post Production Suite with midi capabilities. We have over 1TB of sound effects and samples at our disposal.

- Netflix Loudness Metering
- Ambisonics support
- GoPro VR 
- SpectraLayers 9 audio restoration
Waves plugins
- Izotope Post Production plugins
- FabFilter Post Production plugins

Sound Design and SFX

Native Instruments Sequis
Native Instruments Arkhis
Native Instruments Sounds of India
EastWest Composer Cloud
Soundly Pro subscription
CinemaSound Foley Library
Soundstripe Music licensing for all commercial projects


Mojave MA-200SN microphone - for voice over
DPA 4018 Super-Cardioid - for production boom dialogue and SFX
DPA 6060 lav x 2 - for production lav audio 
Rode NT4 stereo mic - for wild sound ambiance